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Case Study: How I Generated 222,478 FREE Visitors To My Small Niche Blog...

In September 2016 I started a new niche site...

This time, with this site, I wanted to try a new technique to get traffic. Something different. Something new.

And it worked surprisingly well, far exceeding my expectations. On the 29th of September, I applied the new technique.

By the 4th of October, less than a week later, my site was getting over 300 visitors a day (all free, I didn't pay for that traffic):

I was excited to see so much traffic...

I didn't even have to pay for any of this traffic. No link building. No advertising.

I was wondering if this was just a fluke, you know, some accident or just good luck.

But in the following weeks and months, my traffic continued.

Since then, my little site has grown into a mini-authority site in my niche, consistently generating ongoing, passive traffic.

My site has gone on to generate 222,478 free, targeted visitors:

222,478 free visitors without using paid advertising and without link building...

Since then, I have shared this method with my followers.

Hundreds of them have gone on to implement it, and have written back to me about their success.

This traffic works for blogs, niche websites, eCom sores, info product vendors, affiliate websites. And it works in majority of niches.

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