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If you a beginner in the affiliate marketing game, watch this video to learn what affiliate marketing is and how it works:

High Commission x Low Commission Products

When you’re promoting high paying affiliate programs, you earn more $ with every sale you make.

If you’re promoting inexpensive offers, you constantly need an ever-increasing amount of new traffic.

With a mix of low price and great value, you’ll convert a good amount of traffic into customers. But then you’re always stuck in the race of chasing large volumes of traffic, day after day after day.

Which would you rather do:

1. Send 10,000 visitors to a $50 offer with 50% commissions and 10% conversions, or

2. 100 visitors to a $5,000 offer with 50% commissions and 10% conversions?

If you do the math, both offers get you $25,000 in earnings.

But in the first scenario, now you have 1,000 customers to keep happy;

in the second scenario, you only have 10.

Of course, if you have these offers in a funnel, one after the other, you might make $25,000 twice!

Even if your low ticket promos are doing extremely well, and you have no intention of turning them off, it’s important to have high ticket affiliate programs in the mix.

If you’re looking to get more freedom back in your life, high paying affiliate programs will get you there. If it worked for me, it can work for you too.

And that brings me back to the purpose of this post.

It’s much easier to drive fewer, higher-paying clients when you have a high ticket offer in your funnel.

Once you start promoting big ticket affiliate programs, you can stop focusing on traffic volume, and focus more on traffic quality.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

My Favorite Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

#1 Life Fitness (Fitness – Health Niche)

High Paying Affiliate Program
Life Fitness sells fitness equipment to businesses and homes worldwide.

If you’ve ever seen a late night infomercial and wondered “who in the world buys this,” trust me: people buy this.

A lot.

If you’ve never sold treadmills and ellipticals on commission before, you should try it.

This company has been around for 45 years and they’ll never run out of people to sell to because new folks choose to start working out every single day.

As their affiliate, all you have to do is find those people who want to actually buy their own equipment rather than pay for a monthly gym membership.

The best thing about affluent buyers who purchase this type of equipment is that they will rarely admit defeat by returning a piece of equipment if they decide to let it collect dust in the basement.

Which means, low refund percentages.

The sales cycle is usually quick, because when the wife tells the husband that she won’t tolerate his fat excuses anymore, the decision is made relatively quickly 😉

Example payout: They offer 8% commissions, which doesn’t sound like much, but on a $3,000 piece of equipment that comes out to be a decent chunk of change. They also offer performance based bonuses and incentives and there’s no fee to join.

Link: https://lifefitness.com/avantlink-affiliate-marketing

#2 Jillian Michaels (Weight Loss – Health Niche)

High Paying Affiliate Program
Jillian Michaels helps people lose weight, gain muscle tone and eliminate excuses.

She’s a renown fitness trainer and thousands of people sign up for her program every month.

Her monthly customers aren’t quitting because she provides customized advice through her interactive smartphone app.

She offers over 500 unique workouts that the app suggests (based on the user’s input). She also upsells existing customers on DVDs, books and fitness equipment which helps you earn more moolah.

Example payout: you will earn 20% on new subscriptions. If you rack up $1,000 in net new monthly memberships, she will pay you $200.

Link: https://www.jillianmichaels.com/jillian-michaels-affiliate-program

#3 Regal Assets (Precious Metals Investments – Wealth Management Niche)

high paying affiliate programs
Once you find out that this company pays “only” 3% commissions, that may sound like total crap.

But consider the fact that the average purchase price is $20k to $80k, and suddenly you realize, this is arguably the highest paying affiliate program there is.

Regal Assets sells precious metals investments to those who want to diversify their investment portfolio. To generate leads, they offer this “hidden gem” of an affiliate opportunity. Once you become a “super affiliate,” which is a status that they give you after you earn a certain amount of money…

They will also pay you $100 per lead you bring in! And their content converts extremely well, when presented to the right prospect at the right time.

Example payout: If an investor puts $50k into precious metals, you will earn $1,500.

Link: https://clickagain.com/join (this 3rd party company manages their affiliate program).

#4 SEMRush (Research Service – SEO Niche)

best affiliate programs to make money
This is an analytics platform for marketers. They drive business intelligence and cost savings for businesses that are invested in pay per click and search engine optimization tactics.

From content analysis and backlink checking, to automatic social media postings and display advertising research solutions, SEMRush is like a digital marketer’s wet dream.

This is one of a few high paying affiliate programs that offer content in 5 different languages so you can tackle markets that you may not be familiar with, and if you’re into paid traffic, this may be very good for you. And best of all, their cookie length is a ridiculous 10 years.

Example payout: 40% on the cheap $99.95/mo plan will get you just south of 40 bucks, and that’s recurring. And the expensive plan is $399.95/mo, so that’ll bring you around $160. BOOM!

Link: http://berush.com/en

#5 Proof (Marketing Service – Online Marketing Niche)

high ticket affiliate programs
Proof sells a SaaS platform to business owners who want higher conversions from their website traffic.

They deliver higher conversions by adding social proof to the buyer’s site. It can provide a live visitor counter, and even a “hot streaks” counter that tells potential customers how many people recently registered with (as well as bought from) you.

This one sells very well to established marketing lists and the IM niche seems to love it.

People convert on this one because this tool is easy to integrate and it delivers 10-15% higher conversions to its users, which is huge. They pay 30% recurring.

Example payout: If a customer buys the $129/mo plan, you earn $38.70 for as long as they stay. The higher-tier plan is $199/mo and the lower-tier plan is $59.70/mo so the range of earnings is between $23 and $59, paid to you every month.

Link: https://useproof.leaddyno.com/

#6 OptinMonster (Marketing Service – Online Marketing Niche)

high end affiliate programsThis company offers software solutions for lead generation. Their payout is 20% and they have three price tiers.

Many online marketers swear by this gem, and it has a low profile in the IM space, which gives you the opportunity to mail it & make money from it. Depending on which plan the customer buys, you’ll earn between $21 and $69.

This one can sometimes be a bit of a long sales cycle. People who buy this type of software like to do their research.

Luckily, they have awesome case studies on their website that show use cases that are simply irresistible. If you’re mailing this to your list, make sure they see one or two case studies, to help you get the sale sooner.

Example payout: if a customer buys the Basic plan for $108, you earn $21.60; if they buy the Pro plan, you earn $69.60. The “middle” plan is called Plus, it costs $228 and you earn $45.60.

Link: https://optinmonster.com/affiliates/

#7 Bluehost (Hosting Service – Entrepreneur/Marketing/Business Niche)

big ticket affiliate programs
This legendary hosting company offers a straightforward payout for each new customer that you bring them.

Once you rack up a rolodex of consistent hosting customers, you can be set for years to come. Bluehost stands out amongst other top high paying affiliate programs because the service they offer is ubiquitously demanded and their support is awesome.

When you bring them a paying customer, they pay you $65.

They’ve been around for ages and with a team of 700+ employees they’re not going anywhere.

Founded in Utah. They offer unlimited bandwidth with all their plans and they offer generous marketing bonuses.

Customers get a 30 day money back guarantee so that helps you make an easy sale.

The only downside is the 45-day waiting period between when a sale occurs and when your payout happens (they deposit your earnings straight to your PayPal, unless you’re pushing over $10k a month in sales, in which case they’ll offer you wire transfer as an option).

Despite this, the reason why this program is amazing is because over time, as you bring them more and more customers, they’ll increase your payout to $75, $90, even $120 per sale – depending on how long you sell for them.

Example payout: a customer comes in and pays $2.95 a month, you get $65 after 45 days. Payout occurs after you cross $100 in commissions (2 sales).

Link: https://bluehost.com/affiliates

#8 Aweber (Autoresponder Service – Online Marketing Niche)

top paying affiliate programs
This is a perfect offer to mail to your subscribers in the IM space if you know they want to build their own list.

Last time I checked, that was pretty much everyone in the IM space who want to make money from their own high paying affiliate programs, just like you.

Although there are obviously higher commissions out there you can chase, this is my top paying affiliate program of choice.

I saved the best for last. The reason why I think this one is the best is because it’s time tested & customers love it; their brand is impeccable and if they ever have an outage they fix the issue within a few minutes (which can’t be expected with just any SaaS company, especially when that SaaS company sends as many hourly emails as Aweber).

Aweber is a trusted auto responder, they treat their customers well, and their product works great. The reputation of this company practically closes your affiliate sales for you – people already know, like and trust Aweber.

There’s no trick to it, all you have to do is send good traffic & they’ll pay you a nice 30% recurring commission on all monthly renewals.

Example payout: On a $19/mo sale, you’ll make $5.70 a month. After a year, that’s north of $68.

Link: http://aweber.com/affiliates.htm

#9 Snov.io (Email Outreach Automation Platform)

One of the greatest advantages of this SaaS platform is that they provide a toolset for cold outreach: everything from an email hunter to an email tracker.

With this platform, you will not only find leads and send triggered emails to them but also earn money as they’ve recently announced their affiliate program and, you know, it works.

The commissions are average, I’d say, 25%. Though as always, everything depends on you: the more referrals you have, the more money you get. Moreover, the number of referrals is not limited.

So if you have lots of friends and colleagues who might be interested in this tool, don’t miss your opportunity and share a link with them.

The commissions are paid regularly: once a referral pays, you will receive your money in a month without any fails.

Example payout: If a referral buys monthly the M plan ($49), you will receive $12.25 every month during 12 purchases. If a referral buys an annual M plan ($468), you as an affiliate will get $117 once.

Link: https://snov.io/affiliate-program

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Best Affiliate Programs: Top Highest Paying Programs, Offers and Networks

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